Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Work work work...yes!

God has given me a great staff team here in Dromore Youth for Christ. They are just great. Sure there are times when I could scream at them, but I bet there are more times when they could scream at me. Recently I helped Pete make big L plates for our worship band to put on in their practice to remind them that they are just learning. I think more than anyone I could use a big L plate, maybe even a tattoo to make it permanent. I know I am just learning but I also know that I need to always be learning. Today I have been doing some study on Christian Mission and Ministry with the Open Bible Institute. The material was awesome, inspirational even worshipful as I learned and relearned the amazing Gospel and the call of the Gospel and the message of the Gospel. No wonder Paul could say I just want to know Christ and him crucified. So I have my L plates on today inspired by all the learning being done by my staff at the minute. Thanks guys for teaching me to learn.