Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm back

The guys from The Hub at Worship
In Banff, so sweet

So Calgary was awesome. Made some great friends, got some new Facebook buddies, preached some half decent stuff, got to experience sitting in a hot tub outside at -25, with my hair being frozen solid, downhill tubing in the most amazing snow I have ever seen. Got connected with a great church, some exciting guys who are coming over to NI next summer to do some mission stuff and also spent some quality time with God and wee Pete. Glad to be back with Rebecca although already missing Canada.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ministry Update

Just keeping the praying people updated with some ministry stuff I am currently involved in.
Heading to Calgary in Canada next week to speak at an Young Adults Conference. Please pray for safe travel for Pete Morrison and I, also as I prepare my messages. Pray for our friends Pastor Ken and Kathy Castor, Kathy is sick at the moment and needs a real touch from God.This weekend is a busy weekend. YFC are in Bangor having a Mannafest at Bangor Elim. Stevie P (me and big man taking Mannafest at Exodus, Coleraine pictured below) is preaching, Cheryl's Drama Team (Dromore YFC) are taking part and Pete Morrison's Band are leading worship. Looking forward to it, will be good to be on the front line again.
Then this Sunday night is Ignite the Flame. It has been amazing to be involved in the bringing about of this event. YFC, Summer Madness, Exodus, GB, BB, PCI Youth and a few other agencies have been working alongside the Billy Graham Association and EA to put on this Youth Prayer Event in the run up to the Franklin Graham Crusade in April. We have 2350 young people coming to the Waterfront Hall for an evening of worship and prayer. Should be a blast. I am on stage for about 5 or 10 minutes talking about the Gravity Courses that are happening across the province in March.
The other big thing I am working on at the moment is a Youth for Christ Fundraiser. It is is our annual Corporate Dinner. On February 25th at The Culloden Hotel. Last year this event raised around £20,000 for the ministry. Might as well use this wee opportunity to ask if anyone would like to either purchase a table or join in one of my tables. Thanks for reading... and praying.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Heading into 2008

OK so I have had sometime to think about 2008, you know, my dreams, fears, goals etc. If I am honest I am slightly anxious about this incoming year. 2007 was a year of immense challenge! In my own life, in YFC, in my homegroup, in my church and at times I didnt think I was going to get through it. I have learned again the glory of Jesus' grace, the sufficiency of Jesus' mercy and His perfect strength in my weakness, but if I am really honest I am really tender still. I feel a little bit like a ship reaching a harbour after a a rough sea crossing. It is now safe, but the sails are torn and there is little supply on board. I want to be really excited about the potential of a new year, I want to have lots of vision, passion for the lost and most of all I want to be on fire for God... the reality is I am tired, disillusioned, flat and empty. I had hoped that I would have got a good rest over the holidays but my time has been used up at family meals and catching up with friends, which has been amazing, but with the result that I don't think I have caught up with myself.
I have been in this place many times before, it seems to go hand in hand with the type of life I live. My good friend Malcolm J describes me as two people who live in one body. A visionary leader, a passionate evangelist, a preacher and at the same time a lost little boy trying to figure out his journey.
I am throwing this blog open, I would love to hear from people who go through times like this.

Youth for Christ

Had a new logo designed for our ministry in Youth for Christ. I wanted something that communicated the heart of our ministry. Reaching: evangelism and local centre ministry at the heart of communities. Serving: serving local communities, local schools and local churches, through people and programmes. Resourcing: giving people the tools and resources to effectively minister to young people in a dynamic and relevent way.

The next step is a new web site. We hope to have this developed in the next couple of months. Does anyone have any good ideas or know any good web designers?