Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update Time

The past month has been so busy! Youth for Christ had its Fundraising Corporate Dinner which raised a staggering £24,000. This should help keep our Ministry going for around 8-10 months along with all our current support and donations. God is good. I am very fortunate to have seen God work massively in the financial arena in respect to His work. In YFC we have managed to stay in the black for 6 weeks. That might not sound like very much, but my Finance Administrator has worked in YFCNI for 8 years and she is amazed to tell me this is the first time that YFC has been in the black in her time with the organisation. I am not suggesting that I have special financial arrangement with the Lord...actually when it comes to finance, personal and ministry, there is a huge gap in my skill base. So my response at times like this is to simply make the statement...God is good...because He is! It is awesome to be dependent upon such a bountiful God and to be connected through Jesus to some of the most generous people in the world.
I have just got home tonight from a meeting with a Trust in Portadown, a group of people whose ministry exists to give money to God's work... I mean how awesome is that! I shared some of my vision for the work with them and I will just trust God that if it is right He will move them to get behind us.
Even the last time I mentioned on my blog about needing more help to raise my personal support, the response was amazing with 3 people committing to support my ministry monthly.
God is good and His people are amazing.
So what about Rebecca? Well she is pretty sick, in a good way I think. The little baby inside her is now nearly 16 weeks old. One of my friends commented on the scan pictures that it is was like a little peanut.. so we have temporarily given the baby this cool name...wee peanut mccready. Needless to say the kids in Rebecca's P5 class think that name is great! Thanks to everyone who is praying for us...and peanut.
Holiday week we are heading away on our holidays. We have been saving up for ages and next Friday we are spending all our pennies as we are heading off to the Carribbean for a week. I will get the mrs to take some pretty pics and I will stick them up here.. So how can we afford a trip like this...good question. We have saved hard for well over a year because we knew that this trip was coming up. We are heading away with Bec's parents. They are celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary and asked us to come with them, I guess due to the distance and our travel experience. Anyway all that to say, I can't wait, I need a break, and this is going to be a great one.
The only bad news I have is that I am missing the last two matches of my rugby season. My team, Grosvenor Stags are top of the league, with only four games left. It has been an amazing year and I am joint top points scorer, which I will probably lose out on due to being away on holiday. Still, I really hope the boys get the wins we need and we secure the title.
Sorry for the gap in my blogging...I will try to get back into the swing of things.