Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A day to remember!

So yesterday the coolest thing happened to me. I had an idea over the weekend that I wanted to take the staff of YFCNI to Stormont to spend time intercessing for the new assembly, for the country and for young people in NI. When we got to the top of Stormont at Carson's Statue, who jumps out of his car, but the Rev Ian Paisley!
I waved over the road to him and he waved back, so Grierso said come on and we'll introduce ourselves. Allan and I ran across the road, to the obvious displeasure of the bodyguards who looked ready to pound us into the ground.

We told Ian that we were from YFC and we were at Stormont to pray. He was so pleased and started sharing his heart with us. Amazing. Then to our shock and without any prompting he just got lit up and started interceding and praying for us. I was in absolute shock and was completely zapped by God's power flowing out of this old man of the cloth. Thankfully Allan was just as blown away so I must not have been to stupid looking. It was spectacular and totally awesome. Something to remember. My father in law will be pleased when I tell him that Big Ian quoted JP Nicholson, a very famous Gospel preacher from yesteryear whom my father in law tels me about all the time.

Afterwards we went and had a brill time of prayer on the steps of Stormont. It was great. Garreth Falls from Dungannon started prophesying over us and over me as the new leader of YFC. He was telling us that there was significance in meeting Ian and having him pray with us and give us his blessing. He prophesied a response to my authority and that of YFC. Cool I thought.

After we finished praying a Security Guard approached us to ask would we like a tour of the parliament buildings, something that can only happen at the request of an MLA. Exciting. Garreth was loving it!

It was such a divinely appointed morning. It gives me so much hope and adds value and belief to my blog yesterday.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Blog

Just started a new Youth for Christ blog today, check it out

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wonderful Opportunity!!!

Part of signing my life away to Youth for Christ is that I have to raise my own salary. Could you support me? Just a little...or a medium sized bit, or lots if you are rich? I would love you to consider investing in me, my ministry, Youth for Christ and young people in Northern Ireland.
If you can help, simply click on the picture, print it out and send it to me, either at home or at YFCNI.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The boys

Rebecca came along to

take some pics of me playing rugby recently. She was bored and back in the car before the game even kicked off. She did however get this pic. On the left is my bro Glen, and to the right of me, my brother-in-law Phil and my other brother-in-law Steve (both Bec's brothers). It's so cool getting to play with these guys every Saturday, it has given us great memories to share as a family and if there is ever a fight we have each others backs!!

This is a good pic. At this match, Grosvenor's 1st XV fielded 4 sets of brothers. How cool is that. And all 8 studied at Grosvenor Grammar School.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


So I have spent the last week and a half getting to know my new team at Youth for Christ NI. This is the team, minus Stevie P, who is behind the camera. They are great guys and have a lot of potential. We are excited about the next stage in the life and ministry of Youth for Christ. Please keep us in your prayers and on your hearts as we step out in faith looking to God to lead us, use us, provide for us.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Moving forward

This past week in my life has been lived out at such an amazing speed. I am so excited to be moving forward. In so many ways now I am moving forward. Rebecca and I have our house on the market and an offer accepted on a house in Comber. Our Cell in church has new members, new believers, new passion, it is exciting. Grosvenor are stepping up big time in rugby, developing constantly and YFCNI is about to kick into gear and go moving forward into the kingdom work of God. These are exciting times and we are trying to live out each day with a sense of expectation and also a committment to faith itself. We are trusting in the one who called us and we are leaning into him big time.
I am so aware of the importance of the journey now and not just the destination. I thank God for that change in perspective. I know where I want to be but I don't want to miss the potential off the journey.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Beating the traffic

So after two days of horrific traffic I decided I need to get out of bed earlier and try and avoid wasting over two hours a day sitting behind the wheel. I now leave my house at 6.50am and that gets me into work in half an hour. So I am now cutting my travelling time in two..sweet! This week has just dissappeared into eternity. Where did it go, seriously, I can't believe it is Friday.
My first week has been amazing. I am so in love with this ministry, with everything it is about, it is as if God has given me a new heart. I am so thankful to all you guys who have prayed for me and supported me this week. I just hope and pray that God will make me effective and annoint my ministry here in YFC. I need to raise around £900 a month in support and in the last two weeks about £350 of that has been committed by amazing friends and family. If any of you guys have the capacity to support me in anyway please let me know. I would be so excited to have you join me in this ministry of reaching young people all over Northern Ireland with the love of Jesus.
On another personal note please keep Bec and I in your prayers as we plan to put our house up for sale in the next week. It is proving to be quite stressful. We have our hearts on a wee townhouse, which would potentially give us better access to both our families and also both our jobs. But now the clock is ticking.