Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A day to remember!

So yesterday the coolest thing happened to me. I had an idea over the weekend that I wanted to take the staff of YFCNI to Stormont to spend time intercessing for the new assembly, for the country and for young people in NI. When we got to the top of Stormont at Carson's Statue, who jumps out of his car, but the Rev Ian Paisley!
I waved over the road to him and he waved back, so Grierso said come on and we'll introduce ourselves. Allan and I ran across the road, to the obvious displeasure of the bodyguards who looked ready to pound us into the ground.

We told Ian that we were from YFC and we were at Stormont to pray. He was so pleased and started sharing his heart with us. Amazing. Then to our shock and without any prompting he just got lit up and started interceding and praying for us. I was in absolute shock and was completely zapped by God's power flowing out of this old man of the cloth. Thankfully Allan was just as blown away so I must not have been to stupid looking. It was spectacular and totally awesome. Something to remember. My father in law will be pleased when I tell him that Big Ian quoted JP Nicholson, a very famous Gospel preacher from yesteryear whom my father in law tels me about all the time.

Afterwards we went and had a brill time of prayer on the steps of Stormont. It was great. Garreth Falls from Dungannon started prophesying over us and over me as the new leader of YFC. He was telling us that there was significance in meeting Ian and having him pray with us and give us his blessing. He prophesied a response to my authority and that of YFC. Cool I thought.

After we finished praying a Security Guard approached us to ask would we like a tour of the parliament buildings, something that can only happen at the request of an MLA. Exciting. Garreth was loving it!

It was such a divinely appointed morning. It gives me so much hope and adds value and belief to my blog yesterday.


J-Mac said...

That's amazing mate. I'd love to hear a taped recording! I just wish Big Ian could come across with a bit of that love on tv.

Peter Martin said...

Heard you on the Nolan Show this morning bro... you spoke well!!

dave wiggins said...

That's flippin excellent. What an experience to have. I'll check out the YFC blog (good idea). I'm excited to see how you lead the YFC in the coming years. wiggy