Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The boys

Rebecca came along to

take some pics of me playing rugby recently. She was bored and back in the car before the game even kicked off. She did however get this pic. On the left is my bro Glen, and to the right of me, my brother-in-law Phil and my other brother-in-law Steve (both Bec's brothers). It's so cool getting to play with these guys every Saturday, it has given us great memories to share as a family and if there is ever a fight we have each others backs!!

This is a good pic. At this match, Grosvenor's 1st XV fielded 4 sets of brothers. How cool is that. And all 8 studied at Grosvenor Grammar School.


dave wiggins said...

thank you young man!! i don't know wether to dislike the scots or the french today or maybe just the irish for throwing it all away

Steve McCready said...

How about just blaming Ronan O'Gara and his dad, Eddie O Gara Sullivan?

David Wilson said...

Yo Stevie! Love the photo, you and Glen together, playing, fighting, everything about it is just tear inducing.

Anyway send me your email address to as I have a request for you if possible. I know you're well busy though with the new job and all but wanted to check it out with you anyway.

Davey Wilson
(Randy as a Dandy)