Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Moving forward

This past week in my life has been lived out at such an amazing speed. I am so excited to be moving forward. In so many ways now I am moving forward. Rebecca and I have our house on the market and an offer accepted on a house in Comber. Our Cell in church has new members, new believers, new passion, it is exciting. Grosvenor are stepping up big time in rugby, developing constantly and YFCNI is about to kick into gear and go moving forward into the kingdom work of God. These are exciting times and we are trying to live out each day with a sense of expectation and also a committment to faith itself. We are trusting in the one who called us and we are leaning into him big time.
I am so aware of the importance of the journey now and not just the destination. I thank God for that change in perspective. I know where I want to be but I don't want to miss the potential off the journey.


dave wiggins said...

Steven, enjoyed your preach in church the other night. All the best for the new job.

Steve McCready said...

Thanks Dave, appreciate your support. See you in church. Shalom