Friday, March 02, 2007

Beating the traffic

So after two days of horrific traffic I decided I need to get out of bed earlier and try and avoid wasting over two hours a day sitting behind the wheel. I now leave my house at 6.50am and that gets me into work in half an hour. So I am now cutting my travelling time in two..sweet! This week has just dissappeared into eternity. Where did it go, seriously, I can't believe it is Friday.
My first week has been amazing. I am so in love with this ministry, with everything it is about, it is as if God has given me a new heart. I am so thankful to all you guys who have prayed for me and supported me this week. I just hope and pray that God will make me effective and annoint my ministry here in YFC. I need to raise around £900 a month in support and in the last two weeks about £350 of that has been committed by amazing friends and family. If any of you guys have the capacity to support me in anyway please let me know. I would be so excited to have you join me in this ministry of reaching young people all over Northern Ireland with the love of Jesus.
On another personal note please keep Bec and I in your prayers as we plan to put our house up for sale in the next week. It is proving to be quite stressful. We have our hearts on a wee townhouse, which would potentially give us better access to both our families and also both our jobs. But now the clock is ticking.