Monday, February 26, 2007

First day in the new job

I am enjoying the peace and qyuiet of my new office. Everyone has gone home for the day and I am catching some alone time. It has been a brilliant day. Since the moment I awoke this morning I have known the Shalom peace of God. I have received many emails and texts from Christians all over the world wishing me well and praying for me. It is such a humbling experience to know that people take time to pray for you. Thank you to all of you.
I have to say though I am exhausted today. I was away speaking to the wonderful youth of Orangefield Presbyterian this weekend and then I was preaching in Church last night. It was a fantastic weekend but my not so young body is starting to slow up and my bones ache.

I spent a while at lunch today sitting by the side of the River Lagan, I was thinking about how the same water flows past Dromore, alongside the Base, and makes its way to Belfast passing my new office. I was praying and asking God for another measure of his ever flowing grace as I serve him now just a few miles downstream.

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Colin Wylie said...

hello steven
you might not know me but my family and i attend emmanuel church lurgan and have done for the last 5 years or so. i thought i drop you a line of to say we really did enjoy what you had to say to us on sunday night. to tell ther truth you have changed my openion of cell. thanks for that and God bless.
yours colin wylie (pastor)emmanuel
church lurgan

Peter Martin said...

Sorry bro, I meant there to be a good wishes card sittin on your desk awaiting you on your first day... Glad to hear your first went well, may there be many more.

Steve McCready said...

hey Pete, thanks for the message. One week gone already. Bro it has been fantastic. Hope you are well.