Friday, February 23, 2007

God moment

So I am just back from dropping Pete's guitar pedal down to the Moyallon Centre, where Dromore Youth for Christ are hosting Dromore High School's Scripture Union weekend. It was such a wonderful expereince for me to walk in and see all the hard work these guys have done setting up what is going to be an amazing weekend as 60 young people meet God and hear his word. It was so cool so see Dinger, Lawsy, Pete, Sebomai, all these young people serving, setting up, putting up first aid posters, room plans, menus, everything that has to happen to make a weekend like this a success. I stayed only a few minutes because I was beginning to get emotional. These are my guys! God used me to disciple them, train them, equip them and now seeing them do their stuff without needing me is just such a wonderful feeling. To know that two years ago Kevin & Lawsy (the speakers on the weekend) were not even followers of Jesus, just blows my mind. Remembering that when Andy, Cheryl and I led the first SU weekend three years ago, thirteen kids came, causes me to stand in awe of God. He can do all things! I met the Lord this afternoon in my car on the way back from Moyallon and I said thank you for such an awesome group of young people in Dromore Youth for Christ. Thanks for trusting me to look after them for four years. Thanks for paying me to do it. It was all for you Lord.


Pastor Phil said...

When you put yourself into the hands of the Master stevie its amazing what He does.
You have done that and together you and HIM make a great team.
Love you man.