Sunday, February 11, 2007


So I am now officially finished in my job as Ministry Director for Dromore Youth for Christ. It has been such a wonderful four years drawing to a close on Friday past at our Fundraising Formal Dance. It was a wonderful night raising £2000 for the ministry and giving me a chance to say thanks and goodbye to the wonderful guys I have shared the journey with in Dromore. As I begin to face up to the reality that my life is about to change completely, I am thankful for a couple of weeks of to be renewed, to process my life, my walk with God, my call before I begin as Director of Youth for Christ NI on February 26th. I would value your prayers and support.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed, supported, volunteered, served, taught, learned, helped and encouraged us in our ministry in Dromore Youth for Christ. I look forward to hearing of how God continues to move and bless in Dromore in 2007 and beyond.

I love you all dearly in Christ.


Adrian Eagleson said...

steven congratulations on the new job - it will suit you down to the ground. now about your rugby i was watching you boys play the other week and i was very impressed however you need a wee bit more protection around the base of the ruck - tell the forwards not to be so lazy always hanging out!

Steve McCready said...

Adrian, many thanks. Now about the rugby! I am glad you noticed our fairy forwards, I think we could use some prayer ministry, as I think it is generational, Grosvenor have been producing these lightweight packs for years! Do you play? We are always recruiting. It is a hotbed of evangelism when we are not kicking lumps out of each other on the pitch!

Adrian Eagleson said...

at my age you are having a laugh, although next time i am over at CIYMS I will bring my boots you never know!