Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This Sunday I am speaking at my church, Emmanuel at their monthly outreach event Nooma. The subject I have been given 'Lonely?' is wrecking my head. I am so challenged about trying to say something worthwhile in the fifteen minutes I have to preach in a packed programme. God really put something on my heart but I am struggling to put it into words and also to bring practical application. I guess I am concerned that if there are people there on Sunday experiencing deep deep lonliness that I could cause hurt speaking about something that we all experience in different ways. Tomorrow I have the lovely job of preparing four youth talks for this weekend as I am away preaching at Orangefield Presbyerian's Youth weekend in Murlough. I get back Sunday afternoon and then into church to preach Sunday night...I have a feeling that come Monday morning and starting my new job, that I am gonna be busted. Well I met today with Allan and Judith, the Leadership Team with YFCNI, basically my right hand man and woman in my new post. It was a really focused time with a fusion of hearts, vision, ideas and community. I am excited about working with them both. I am so thankful for this new opportunity I have to serve Jesus and show his love to people. My prayer is that I will abandon myself completely to Him who is worthy and rest fully on his grace. I'll keep you posted on the journey.