Monday, April 09, 2007

Before I am 30

So Rebecca, Johnny & Susanna, my wife and best mates went for a walk on Saturday to Peaklands Park. We have great laughs on our walks, we talk about life, experiences, holidays and well, anything. On Saturday during the walk I was asked if I had a list of things I wanted to do before I was 3o. I am 27 now, turning 28 this July. So now I have started to think, what are the things I want/would like to do/experience before I turn 30?

Here are a few, being a strategicly minded guy they include the goal and the plan to reach it.

  • Get fit again (Rebecca and I are reopening our membership with David Lloyd's when we move back to Belfast. I am also setting myself the target of making every rugby training session next season and finally kicking my addiction to fizzy drinks. I am currently on day 3 of my cold turkey fizzy drink quit)

  • Travel (This summer me, Bec, Sue & Johnny are travelling around the world, stopping at Hong Kong, Sydney, Aukland, Fiji and Los Angeles. I also hope to travel to the Youth for

  • Christ General Counsel in South Africa in 2008.)

  • Spend more time with my friends and make new friends. (I would love to start a Bible study in my house, wherever that may be)

  • Learn to swim ( I can swim, but it's more like survival swimming, I would love to learn to swim properly.)

  • Learn how to Ski

  • Preach more

So there are probably more and they might not seem very exciting or very difficult but its only two years away!


dave wiggins said...

i hope you went on the train at peatlands. it brings out the boy in you. i was there on sunday with my nephews. the queue was too long for the train. it ruined my day.

Peter Martin said...

Flip me mate.... you want to get fit again? When were you ever not? Hardcore indeed!

Adrian Eagleson said...

when you join lloyds we can be training buddies and wear matching lycra suits, (btw - i will teach you to swim i'm a swimming coach you know!)