Thursday, April 19, 2007


I studied Romans 1 this morning preparing to teach it to my staff team at our new weekly Bible and Prayer session. It was good to be reminded of the truth that the Gospel (you know, the good news, the message) is actually God himself. Paul calls it the Gospel of God. God is the wonderful, mindblowing, life changing, grace dispensing Gospel. It's not about him, it is HIM.
The Gospel is not a type of service, a style of music or chosen preaching style but rather it is a revelation of God, it is God. It has the power to save anyone, because it is God, it has the desired goal of faith, because God loves faith, it has as it's substance, the person of Jesus Christ, because He is God, it has as its aim, the renown of His name because we were created for His glory. God is the Gospel, the Gospel is God. I love it. It is not a Protestant Gospel, it is not a rich man's Gospel, although it can save both. It has no preference and it is not limited to creed, nation, caste, class, sex or age. It is the power of God to save, because it is God. I guess we have to be careful not to miss God as we present the Good news. As it turns out, the Gospel, is not a three point sermon on a Sunday night but rather the one who designed night...if you know what I mean


Mimo said...

Hey, cool to have found your blog!! I remember visiting the centre in Dromore two and a half years ago (I was doing YfC staff training in Annalong). Congratulations on the new post! I remember the visit in Dromore very well, left an impact that lasts.

God Bless!

Mimosa in Finland

dave wiggins said...

that's good