Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just back from the cinema. Went with Pete & Lawsy to see Children of Men. It was random. So random I cant decide whether or not is was good or if I enjoyed it or not. Regardless it was great to chill and unwind for a couple of hours.

Had my Base Ministry Leaders meet tonight to share God stories with each other. It was so amazing to see, hear and be around these guys. It really encouraged me to keep on going to keep on seeking God. This year we have around ten ministries functioning weekly and an amazing team of 16 ministry leaders. What encouraged me most was that their average age was 19. I just wish I had been as excited to serve Jesus when I was 19. Anyway at the end of today I am going to rest my weary head with this thought in my heart...God is good. Despite a difficult week, much pain and heartache praying for Lindsay, challenging encounters in ministry I finish today thanking God because He is good and tonight I am thankful that although I am a child of men I am now a child of God.