Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's all quiet...

All my staff are away. Lawsy is at EQUIP at CFC, Cheryl and the interns are away training for Drama somewhere and for the first time in two days I am alone in my office. It is so peaceful and an opportunity for me to take a break from updating our child protection stuff and to simply relfect on things. I love it. I have been enjoying studying Nehemiah this week and have found so much support for ministry through this man's life and call. Today I found myself in awe of his ability to deal with conflict. Chapter 6 in the NIV is simply entitled...MORE OPPOSITION to the building of the wall. This guy has been getting it rough, taking it on the neck and just when there seems to be a breakthrough the opposition does not relent it actually intensifies... mental. Anyway I love Nehemiah's response in verse says , 'so I prayed "Lord strengthen my hands" I love that. In other words God help me work even harder. Help me go further, God despite how much this actually sucks because it is for you I want to keep going, strengthen my hands God, bring on the oppostition...bring it on. I found myself excited to read the title in the NIV just 5 or 6 verses later when it says, The Completion of The Wall. I guess God heard that simple prayer and strengthened his servant.

I found myself praying that prayer today. Lord strengthen my hands