Sunday, October 15, 2006


I love Sundays. They have become really precious to me. I guess they dont look very spiritual but the Lord knows how much I enjoy them. This morning I went to church, which was awesome...then I went with Becci and Pete to Fu Kin in Belfast for an all you can eat chinese. We then went into Belfast so Bex could take some pics for her course. Belfast was buzzing and I thought to myself interesting that Belfast in buzzing...on a Sunday. Then we all came home, tidies up are messy rooms and then proceeded to lie back and enjoy a CSI box set. The perfect way to spend a Sunday if you ask me.

I am really looking forward to this new week. Last week was tough. One of my interns has left which I am devastated about. Her ministry had such potential but at the end of the day she decided it was not for her. Having spent the last couple days processing and assessing I now need to be pro active about filling the gaps and keeping the ministry moving forward. I have a feeling God will show us the way.

But this week will face challenges no doubt. Every week does. Not once since I began my ministry in Dromore has there been a week were my phone has not gone or an email arive in my inbox and everything has to go on hold to deal with the issue at hand and yet as I look back God is always leading and guuiding and grace is sufficient for you sounds like a good text.

So bring on Monday morning and life in youth ministry. My prayer this week is simply that God will show me the way forward for my own ministry and life. I want help to discover the parachute moment. (Emmanuel guys will know what I mean)

Once more onto the breach...