Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My other passion

I love rugby. Next to Jesus and Rebecca it is next in line for my heart. I used to be a lot more serious.Back in the ten years ago...I was an Ulster Schools player, I played Senior AIL Rugby with Instonians and even won a Senior Cup with Inst. These days however I ply my trade at Grosvenor Rugby Club in the junior ranks of Ulster rugby. A former Grosvenor pupil and 1st XV captain I count it a real privilege to represent the green and blue every Saturday. We are only a Junior Club but I have to say I am probably enjoying playing more now than I ever have. The boys at Grosvenor are awesome. There about 10-15 Christians playing at the club which is brilliant and we are all active in trying to share our faith in the midst of the madness of Rugby. We are currently top of our league with 5 wins from 5 games. Changed times for us, last year we were rubbish. You might be interested to know that our team anthem, sung heartily after a Grosvenor victory is the kids praise song: there is a flag flying high from the castle of my heart. I find myself blown away to hear a rabble of big mouth heavy drinking, no time for God rugby players singing that THE KING IS IN RESIDENCE THERE!

John Piper says Missions exist because Worship doesnt. While worship is the ultimate goal of the church, mission is the central purpose because as of yet not everyone has bowed the knee...

My prayer is that the guys I sweat and bleed with every week on a rugby pitch will become worshippers and one day truly know what it is like to have the King in residence there!


Peter Martin said...

Its an awfully long time since I played but its funny you should mention Grosvenor Rugby Club. I was thinking of them the other day and wondered were they play out of. Didn't they used to own the grounds and Club house behind the Shell Garage on the Knock Dual Carrageway... were are they playing now?

Enjoying the blog by the way - nice one mate!!