Monday, October 23, 2006

Back to the future

I don't know if you watched Back to the Future this weekend. It was on ITV3. What an amazing thing to do, time travel! I would love the opportunity. Last night was a bit of time travelling for me. I was back preaching in my home church, Castlereagh Gospel Hall. It was about a million light years away from Emmanuel or Mannafest, in fact it is about as traditional a church as you can get. Everyone wears suits, hats, big leather Bibles etc etc. I sold out and wore a tie! My brother was down and he gave me a bit of stick for dressing up. But I have to say despite dreading going back and being so nervous that I sweated about 3 litres of juice I really enjoyed it. It was great being back among humble people. The prayer meeting beforehand consisted of myself and 3 elders. The presence of God in the basement blew my mind. Watching these three humble giants really got to me. Years and years of ministry experience and yet they crouch low before God beseaching him for the salvation of souls. I came away from last night feeling encouraged, challenged, thankful and hopefully more humble.


Peter Martin said...

It good to hear of Castlereagh! I haven't been in the place since I was 14 but certainly have many happy memories of it!!