Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I have not had the chance to blog in ages. I was away for a few days with Bec and I agreed not to bring my laptop even though the hotel had free internet access. I have actually really enjoyed the holidays, I have got to spend quality time with my babe, good times with our family and even fun with friends.

I did however do something completely out of character during the break...I went and spent an undisclosed amount of money on a Nintendo is amazing.

I am not obsessed with it or anything but it is so cool. Bec and I have been having tennis matches, bowling tournaments and boxing bouts. Basically its as close to virtual reality gaming as is out there and it rocks.

I also started a new book. It is actually a combo of older publications by Dr Brand and Phillip Yancey. It is called In the likeness of God. I recommend it.

Oh Happy New Year 2007


Steve McCready said...

You're so cute trying to beat all my scores on the Wii! Just as well I love you! Thanks for an amazing Christmas- love from Bec xx