Saturday, January 06, 2007


Just home from speaking at Scrabo in Newtownards. I was teaching the YF about impacting their schools for Christ. It was a good session followed by some really good discussion groups. Speaking is weird, I never really enjoy it at the time, and every word will replay in my head tonight when I go to bed, but then peace will come and I will be able to trust that I did what I was asked and I gave glory to the One who deserves it. I had a couple of great chats after the session. One in particular left me asking a lot of questions. I talked to an Italian friend who is struggling in ministry here because of the lack of passion Christians have for Christ (misnomer I know) His Italian culture is one of young Christians passionately and devotedly following Jesus and here he finds that young Christians are apathetic and lethargic. Anyways the question we came to together is this...what gives passion? Young Christians in Ireland have theology, have legacy but where will they find passion? I don't know


sue said...

Thats weird. Have been talking a lot about passion recently with different people and discovering that i have none-for anything! Then a good friend told me that we had no passion because we are spoilt. We have had things to easy growing up in this country and things are still too easy.
Maybe the same things applies to having passion for Jesus-maybe we've been spoilt?