Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Packing up my books!

I have decided to start packing up my books. I have a few...about 500 which I need to move from my office in Dromore. I have a nice study in my house but the problem is, Rebecca has nicked all the shelf space for her teaching stuff. I don't know if my new office has book shelves or space for books. My plan is to pickout about 200 that I use and need and put the rest in my roofspace. But I am not excited about climbing up and down ladders with all those boxes. It has been such a great week. I have been overwhelmed with peace. It is as if God is pouring it over my life like a waterfall. Everytime I try to stress about leaving Dromore or becoming the National Director, I hear God say the most beautiful things to me. Today he told me he loves me, it made me smile and be still for a moment and enjoy those amazing words. One thing that has occupied my mind a lot though this week is Lindsay Emerson. Lindsay is really sick and my heart is really breaking for her and Ali. Lindsay is in my home group and every Monday night as we pray for her I feel pain so deep inside and I can't explain it. I find myself questioning God and yet at the same time praying to him and trusting him. I cant imagine what Ali and Lindsay must be experiencing but their faith continues to inspire me and keep me focusing on the main things! Rebecca printed out Lindsay's picture and stuck it on our fridge. When somebody goes onto our fridge they are definately gonna get prayed for given the amount of time Peter and I spend going in and out for food and drinks.

Lord, will you reveal your majesty in Lindsay Emerson's life.


Andrew said...

Hey Steve,

Culby here. Happened across your blog, not sure if you meant to mis-spell it on your grosvenor forum profile or not ;-) Anyway, I'm not going to correct it.

It's funny to learn more about a person in five minutes than I ever knew in passing acquaintance over, what, 12 years?

Congrats on the new job dude, I have no doubt that you deserve it. Thought you spoke *really* well at manafest by the way, i've only spoken to groups of 30 or so and that's about my limit.


stevie said...

ill get u some shelves sorted for ur new office! gav and i r moving into stuarties old office before u come cos there is more u can have ours - it has loads of cupboard space! looking forward to u coming up bro