Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Just finished Season 5. Watched the last three discs today...that's twelve episodes in a row, a new record for me. My head is fried. Anyway if I ever got to meet Keifer I would give him a big hug and thank him for the 120 hours on excitement he has brought into my life. Looking forward to Season 6 starting on Sky in three weeks. Should be just as awesome as the last five. Thanks to Glen for lending me the box set, it shall be returned within 36 hours of borrowing, how's that for a return service.


Neil Harrison said...

Thats awesome news pal! What a series and what an ending! Where is it gonna go from here?! Hope you and Becs had a great Christmas pal!

Andrew and Carolyn said...

Hi Steve,
Great blog, and excellent site design on the YFC Dromore page!

Thought I'd drop you a wee line, and give you my best regards. Still have warm memories of our time together on the Peru team in 2000. We were back this year, and loads of people in Tacna were asking for've left a big impression!!

Trust you will know God's richest blessing on your continued ministry in Dromore in 2007. I'll be praying for you and Rebecca.

God bless,
Andrew Roycroft

Jen said...

i love 24 but am so behind-haven't watched season five. But i kinda don't want to either. I hate watching them a week at a go, so happy to be having something to get up for and come home to...don't usually go for blonds-but jack bauer is all that a man should be.