Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just home from Drop In

I decided not to go to rugby tonight but to head along to The Base and do a bit at Drop In. It was just like the old days when Andy and I would run our that ministry. The place was bunged with kids, playing pool, playstation and table tennis, eating toast and chips and making lots of noise. It was amazing. New kids that I had never seen, old ones that have been around forever. It was cool to watch the ministry team tonight. Many of them have become Christians through drop in and are now there reaching out to kids who were just like them. I was in the kitchen tonight chatting to one girl who was making toast for the kids and it was just like God was doing a voice over in my head saying check this out Steve, six months ago she was lost, without me, and now she is my child and she is serving me and my children. That I guess has become my heart, reaching young people, training them, releasing them, watching them, coaching them. Tonight I was thanking God for reminding me of what He can do through relationships.