Friday, November 03, 2006

What's Up Doc?

I made the mistake recently of working through the concept of discipleship with my mate Gareth. He is a big bible guy and studies with Precept Ministries, basically, he knows his stuff. So we spent about two months meeting, emailing, planning and intensively working through the idea of discipleship, asking the hard questions, dreaming up models and concepts of growth and following Jesus. We have tried to understand Rabbinic models of discipleship, modern models, post modern, we have searched the scriptures and gleaned from experts and we have finally come up with something that seems to work for us in Dromore Youth for Christ. It's called the DOC principle. It kind of flowed out of some teaching I did on 'what it really means to be a Christian.' It has since though become one of those things that you just know your life is going to revolve around and be bult upon. We really felt God lead us to 2 Timothy and especially 2 Timothy 2. Paul passing on his model to young timothy, he says teach others etc etc, then he hits him with the DOC principle. He says be like a Soldier (Disciplined) like an athlete (Obedient) and like a hard working farmer (Committed). We kind of figured this is at the centre of what it really means to be a follower of Christ. To be a disciplined, obedient, committed Christian...continually challenging yourself with the questions...what's up doc?