Monday, November 20, 2006

Interesting retreat

Was away with the staff of YFCNI on retreat at the end of last week. It was a weird experience. It was almost undefinable as to whether it was good, great, excellent or boring. Honestly I am still unpacking the whole thing trying to figure out when and where and if we met with God and what on earth was He saying. This is a really positive thing and so I guess even the journey suggests the answer.

I was however glad to get back on Friday and preach at The Gathering. It was a really cool night with a real community atmosphere. I taught on John 3 and Spiritual Rebirth. It is fascinating to approach John 3 looking for God rather than a pre-millenial, pre-tribulation, westernised, evangelical approach to the concept of being 'born again'

Anyhow I am taking this morning at home to do the ironing and cleaning etc and heading into work this afternoon. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks and some quality time with my staff on retreat next week.


Peter Martin said...

Retreat would be in my top 3 things I miss about YFC... Normally were very challenging and yet very relaxed! A bizairre mix indeed.