Sunday, November 26, 2006

In awe

I went to The Mandate yesterday. I was plesently surprised to meet with God. I didn't really want to be there and I tried to get out of it but when I eventually got home at bed time last night I was glad I went. I am not really big on conferences because they tend to give you a boost, a kick up the back side, get you all fired up, send you out and about a month later you are back to square one. The other thing that happens is I get a little depressed at large gatherings. My thought process goes a little like 2000 men, imagine if 2000 men started living flat out for Jesus this country would be transformed, then it comes, like a big bang...the reality check...never gonna happen.

Yesterday though was different. Let me explain why.

Paul Reid from CFC. I have never heard Paul teach before, but I have gotta say I was and am in awe of this man of God. I am not one for heroes or having favourites but I was just blown away by every word that Pastor Paul preached. I could have sat under his ministry for a long time. He did something I haven't seen done before in a gathering like that. He taught the Gospel. He got 2000 Christian men around him and he taught the simple message of the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Grace of God. It was fresh, it was foundational, it was spiritually formational. It was almost as if God was saying Paul, I'm going to knock everything down, then you relay the foundation.

A day later and a church service older and a sunday dinner on down the line and I am excited that those simple truths that Paul taught yesterday are still burning deep in my soul.

The goal of yesterday we were told was the unlocking of Grace in the souls of men...gotta say
job well done.