Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Youth for Christ Update

So lots of people have been calling me and emailing me having heard bits and bobs about some changes happening at Youth for Christ. I am going to be sending out a prayer letter in the next couple of weeks, if you would like to be added to my mailing list you could drop me an email either with your address or email address and I will make sure you get the full update. My email address is

Anyway, financially Youth for Christ are getting it tight at the minute. Our finances have forced our Board into beginning a staff restructure. This has been a very difficult and challenging process and we are trusting God everyday for grace and guidance.

Personally this has been the most difficult and trying time in my life. It is stressful and heartbreaking. I am finding myself in a state of prayer more than I have ever been in my faith journey over the past ten years.

Please pray for us as we walk through this transition.

For me it is back to the drawing board to find prayer and finance partners. I am trying to raise 100% of my ministry costs (salary, travel expenses, resources etc) I am currently around 40% with a some new people joining my amazing band of supporters and ministry partners.
Maybe you would like to get alongside me and support both me but also the ministry of Youth for Christ. If so get in touch, any small amount would be amazing. I have some young people who give me just a couple of pounds a month to some business men who support me and yet hardly even know me.

Over the past month I have worn so many hats, I have been back preaching again, at Newcastle Baptist, the Crescent, Scrabo Hall, tomorrow night at True and this coming Sunday at Castlereagh Gospel Hall. I have been in countless staff meetings, meetings with lawyers, meetings with film makers. It has been a strange month but in the middle of it all I feel like I am growing close to Jesus, the reason behind it all. I have found myself loving the Cross and understanding more of Jesus Kingdom and it's relevence in my life. I am tired however to please keep me, Bec and YFC in your prayers. Thanks so much.


Peter Martin said...

Behind you in prayer lad... ;-)

Phil:Stone said...
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Phil:Stone said...

Covering You, Becs & YFC in Prayer Mate, Last night was TRUEly amazing! Keep reaching for what God has for You guys and YFC! Bless ya both!