Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Way: Lisburn Youth for Christ

Really excited! This week brings the official opening of YFC's newest ministry. Lisburn Youth for Christ, formed only a matter of months ago are hosting the official opening and commissioning of The Way, Drop in Centre this Friday night. The Way is in the Longstone. An extremely broken, deprived community in the city of Lisburn. I guess I am posting on this to ask for prayer for the Board, Volunteers and Young People in Lisburn. If anyone would like to get more involved, help, support, pray whatever either give me an email or get in touch with Tim McAlister, my mate who has been pioneering this work with some other amazing guys like Dennis and Dinger. His email is


Boaly said...

Brother, it's great to see new things opening in Lisburn. I love this city (still wierd callin it a city), and pray that Christ will bless this endeavour and will receive many in repentance and faith through it and touch many lives to Glorify Himself!

Billy said...

Steve, we're getting in about 10-15 kids in the first two weeks of drop in. Exciting things to happen.. I once here a band sing.. GREATER THINGS HAVE STILL TO BE DONE IN THIS CITY.. you better believe it

simont said...

Where abouts on longstone is the centre?