Monday, November 26, 2007

I am so small!

I was preaching on Saturday night at an event called 'Ireland's Call' It was an outreach event with Andrew Trimble as the Celeb and me as the annoying preacher. For those of you reading across the pond, Andrew is a big time Ulster and Ireland Rugby Star. It was a great wee night. I think about 300 young people came along. The programme was packed with fun, games, prizes and a pretty good presentation of Jesus, through story, music, testimony and preaching. I had the amazing opportunity of ministering to one young lady who had an amazing encounter with the Holy Spirit during the appeal. In a grace moment, the Spirit gently came into her life and heart. It was so cool praying with her alongside her combination of tears and laughter. God is good. Fair play to Andrew who handles being a celebrity really well. He had queues of people coming to see him for autographs and pictures and yet he stays pretty humble and down to earth. Needless to say I just slipped out without anyone even noticing I was gone. Good times.


ken said...

Sweet! Keep at it!

Billy said...

Elvis had left the building before Trimble

Brian said...

you're a star don't let anyone tell you differently.