Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back home

Just a quick blog to let everyone know Bec and I have arrived home safely. We had a fantastic time away and arrived home last night. Today was spent catching up with sleep and seeing our families. As I reflect over the past three and a half weeks it blows my mind at how much the four of us squeezed in and how much fun we had. Over the next wee while I plan to blog and share some of our adventure but here is a brief overview.
1. 8 flights, some good, some short and a few killers, especially Fiji to LA.
2. Authentic Chinese DimSun. Slimy fishy and difficult to eat with chopsticks
3. Four wheel drive adventure in the Blue Mountains in Australia, wet, beautiful and lots of Kangaroos
4. Skiing, Zorbing and Luging in New Zealand
5. Snorkeling, sun bathing and working out in Fiji
6. Shopping in LA
I'm heading to bed now because I am back to work tomorrow. Can't believe it.
Bec is editing our holiday pics at this very minute so once they are ready I'll give a proper holiday blog.


Big Mike said...

hey pal, glad you had a great holiday!! will have to here the stories when i get back! canada is awesome!

dave wiggins said...

make sure yo post a few pics, sounds good, welcome home.

Anonymous said...

mate that sounded awesome. hope you had a great holiday. sorry for the randomness of this comment as well btw, we haven't met yet, but i'm sure we will run into each other sometime in the not so distant future. keep 'er lit big lad.

Peter Martin said...

Sounds cool - looking forward to the pics!! Check out neil H's its good too... ;-)