Friday, August 10, 2007

Prayer and Preparation

Last Saturday night I preached a message at The SummerServe BBQ. If it had a title it would have been called something like "a proper response to the holiness of God"

I challenged the couple of hundred young people to make a response to God's call on his people into mission in the world.
Just two days after ushering such a high call to these kids, I laughed at God's sense of humour when Malcolm Johnston, the Regional Director for YFC across Eastern Europe called asking me to come with him to Moscow. Unfortunately I was moved into a place where I only response was, Yes Lord your servant is listening. So next Monday, Mal and I are heading across to Russia. I am terrified but also excited. I am sure my role will be minor but nevertheless I am willing to do whatever. Malcolm has called our trip a blind date. We are meeting with Bishops from the Baptist Union for Russia and also the Pentacostal church. The meetings are to discuss reaching young people across the nation. Russia is so massive. YFC have a staff member in St Petersburg on the western side, when she travels home to her family on the east coast, it takes 10 days by train.
I have a globe sitting on my desk in the office. Everyday I sit and spin it and then pray for cities, islands, nations, just wherever comes to me as this little ball spins. Since I agreed to tag along to Moscow with Mal, I have found that my globe has not been spinning, Russia is so big, I could be stuck there for a while.
Would value your prayers!


Big Mike said...

lad, i hope you have an excellent time in Russia! no doubt God will richly bless you for listening to his call and heading off to Russia. i relly loved my time there last year! it is such a beautiful country, but also one with so so many problems! we will have to catch up and compare note when you get back! will be praying for you buddy!

Jen said...

Enjoy it, another part of another country becomes more familiar to your fingertips touching ur globe!

billysetsfire said...

got a new blog set up steve.