Thursday, September 13, 2007

Update: All over the place!

I know, its been ages, I'm sorry, no excuses. It seems that for the last few weeks I have allowed things to get out of control. I have been jumping from meeting to meeting, I am in the middle of staff appraisals, preaching, fundraisers and on top of that Rebecca and I have moved in with my in-laws in Belfast. Hectic would not be a detailed enough adjective. The sheer pace of life since the beginning of September has increased expenentially. I am shattered.

I am now beginning to understand something of what it might mean for me to lead an organisation. The learning curve at the moment is vertical and the grace being afforded to me by the Lord is unbelievable.

So anyway, apart from this I am doing, sorry, we are doing ok. Bec and I have been managing to keep some time for ourselves and I am thankful that this is one discipline I have no problem keeping. Spiritually I am doing ok too, being in Russia was a helpful litmus test on my faith and also a time to tune in again to God and his communications.

Thankfully Cell started back on Monday night. I love my homegroup. We are such a random bunch of people, with very little in common other than Jesus, but it works. We love being together, praying, caring even loving each other. I meet God in Cell, I find little bits of his heart in community and in sharing life with others.

Rugby is now back full swing with a big game on Saturday with our local rivals. I am thinking that I might make this my last season as a player and possibly next year try something new, maybe walking or marathons, maybe golf or something, don't know what yet. We'll see.

Reached my target weight at the beginning of this month. I am now just under 13.5 stone. So what you say, well four and a bit months ago when I started this fitness thing I was weighing in at 16.5 stone. So I've shed a full three stone...and going. It has been such a spiritual journey for me, finding prayer and communications with God important. Who'd have thought? A sixpack? Maybe some day!! Anyway, thanks to everyone for encouraging me on this wee mini journey.

So long term Becs and I don't know what we are doing, we still feel this sense of God not giving us permission to settle down. Getting our house sold has become something of a spiritual battle and we have a sense of God saying he wants us to stay in Emmanuel, get involved and be creative about everything else. So we are now like proper city slickers, living in the city during the week and then home to the country for the weekend... all I need now is the BMW


Peter Martin said...

Very cool news on the weight front especially considering there was a such a lovely holiday in the middle. I admire your discipline lad...

Anonymous said...

mate I'm sorry to have to write this on your blog, but I don't have your email address. Drop me a line at mine so I can get your details and be in touch. My email address is

I just wanted to say as well great job last night, what you said was fantastic, and I really think last nights meeting was the start of something greater. I'm really excited.

It was fantastic to finally meet you mate, hope to get a chance to meet up with you soon.
email me!
Walk with God!