Thursday, May 10, 2007


God is so good. So this morning I prayed and asked God for money to get a new centre development worker for YFC. Youth for Christ currently has nine local centres with another couple in development right now. It is so exciting for me, as my heart is to see many more works established reaching out into the lives of young people outside of the church. Anyway, the workload in trying to support current centres and develop new ones is huge. Pete Martin carried this baton for many years doing a fantastic job and leaving behind a great legacy. So, to cut a long story short, this morning I said, God I need your leading, your guidance and your provision and this afternoon I got a cheque for £3500. God is awesome, freaky, but awesome.

If I look back over my ministry in YFC over the past four and a bit years I should not have been surprised! Here are a few of the exciting things that have happened on my faith journey, with regards to money

  1. When I started in Dromore YFC, there was only enough money to pay me for two months! Four years later when I left the ministry was supporting three paid staff and four interns

  2. In 2005 I led a team of ten YFC volunteers to a Leadership conference in Chicago. None of us had any money, we felt strongly that God wanted us to go and so most of the team borrowed money to book flights. When we got to Dublin Airport, we were met at the check in by an Aer Lingus rep, who asked us would we mind flying via London, and for our troubles wrote us a cheque for £7000, the cost of the entire trip, flights, hotel, car, insurance, conference and spending money!

  3. In 2006 we ran out of oil in The Base, it was £1000 for a fill, it was winter, freezing and Dromore YFC didn't have any money. I felt God saying that he had already provided the money and that all I had to do was the ask the volunteers? I sent a text round, communicating the need and within twenty minutes exactly £1ooo had been pledged by a group of teenagers!

  4. In 2006 my Cell really prayed for us when we were in real need financially, I remember sharing the burden with the men in our prayer group and how they passionately held on to God for me and Dromore YFC for finances. In the post over the next two days I received cheques for £8000!

  5. Yesterday I recieved a Standing Order from dear friends for £50 a month, how amazing. I have been trusting God for the provision of my salary and yet again He is providing.

  6. This morning I laid the need before God for a new Centre Development Worker for YFC and this afternoon He provided £3500

I am so privileged to have been called to a place where I get the opportunity to see God provide in such amazing ways. At times like this I wonder why I would ever want to walk in ministry where everything is secure and no trust is needed. Without faith it is impossible to please God...


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amen! Thanks be to God. Wish we had cell last night-we would have giggled and sighed in awe over that story!